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We have characterized sequences expressed in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells which are related to the intracisternal A-particle (IAP) genes of mice and Syrian hamsters. Several cDNA clones homologous to Syrian hamster IAP probes have been isolated and used to evaluate the abundance and expression of these retroviruslike sequences. DNA blot analysis with homologous Chinese hamster IAP probes revealed that IAP-related sequences are present in CHO cell DNA at moderately repetitive levels (approximately 300 copies per haploid genome). Sequence analysis has revealed the existence of at least two distinct families of IAP-related sequences in CHO cell DNA. Family I sequences exhibit identical 4.5-kilobase-pair internal deletions relative to complete IAP genomes of mice or Syrian hamsters, but family II sequences showed no major sequence discontinuities relative to the IAP genes of other species. Both families are expressed as abundant cytoplasmic RNA in CHO cells, but only family II sequences produce abundant transcripts of a size consistent with that of a full-length IAP RNA. Intact gag, pol, or env open reading frames were not present in sequences of either family, although incomplete open reading frames spanning putative p27 and protease regions of IAP genes were observed.