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Surface Micromachining of Polyureasilazane Based Ceramic-MEMS using SU-8 Micromolds

We describe a novel surface micromachining process for the fabrication of ceramic-type MEMS devices, such as free-standing cantilevers, that is based on the use of high-aspect ratio micromolds of SU8 and aluminum as sacrificial layer. 250μm-high and 100-1000μm-wide molds were used to confine a liquid precursor of SiC/Si3N4 based ceramics on the sacrificial layer that enables the detachment of the green body before the pyrolysis step at 1000°C. The final ceramic cantilever has dimensions ranging from 100-500um x 1-2mm x 50um and a smooth surface. Details of the processing, structural and material characterization such as Dynamic Rheological and Thermogravimetric Analysis under UV will be presented and compared to those found in the literature.


    • LMIS1-CONF-2007-001

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