Surface Nanostructuring by Molecular Self-Assembly

Two dimensionally ordered, monodisperse nanoparticle arrays of metals, metal oxides and possibly alloys can be obtained by using functional diblock copolymer micelles as templates. Tunability of the block copolymer micelle sizes and periodicities has been shown in literature by changing the block ratios, substrates and dip coating speeds. Means of obtaining a two dimensional periodic array of iron oxide containing nanoparticles (and other nanoparticle arrays in general) by using Poly(styrene-block-acrylic acid) micelles is discussed. Tunability of Poly(styrene-block-vinyl pyridine) micelles in the range of 50-150 nm obtained by choice of solvents, polymer solution concentration and spin coating rotation speeds is highlighted.

Presented at:
1st Workshop on Plasmon-Nano-Devices, Neuchatel, Switzerland, 3-4 June, 2004

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