A Task Specific Kinematic Design Methodology With Application to a 4-DOF Haptic Interface

Task specific mechanism design for spatial linkages has remained a challenge. In this paper we present a kinematic design methodology, which combines the formalism of the Lie Group method with the effectiveness of creativity techniques from ’integrated product development’, which in fact is a graphical pendant to the Lie Group methodology. The approach is exemplified for the kinematics of a haptic or force-feedback device. Five novel topologies for 2-DOF spherical displacement are presented of which one solution has been realized as prototype and is now used as haptic interface for the simulation of hysteroscopy - a minimal-invasive surgery technique with special demands to mechanism design.

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IFTOMM '07 Proceedings
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The 12th World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science IFTOMM '07, Besançon, 17.-21.6.2007

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