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We propose a new process for forming parallel nanobridge patterns by nanostencil lithography. In this process, a low-stress silicon nitride stencil with parallel nanobridge structures is fabricated by a new edge patterning technique where those nanobridges are formed simultaneously via sidewall features using the conventional photolithography and anisotropic dry etching process. After forming primary Cr patterns on the oxidized Si substrate by depositing Cr through the edge-patterned stencil, those patterns are transferred onto the underlying Si layer in a reversed manner, leading to the formation of parallel Cr nanobridge patterns on the Si substrate. Using this process, we have successfully produced 85 nm-wide parallel Cr nanobridge patterns from a stencil with 115 nm-wide nanobridge structures that was fabricated by conventional microlithography. As there is no need for advanced lithography techniques in preparing the nanobridge stencil, the combination of the edge patterning and reverse nanostencil process provides a cost-effective tool for the massive fabrication of parallel nanobridge arrays at the 100 nm scale.