This paper describes the original integration of three concepts (finite elements, geoparametric transformations, and HyperMaps) and their application to the management of the water network in the region of Lausanne, Switzerland. The finite element method lets us simulate network flows and two or three dimensional fields. Using this simulation method, propagation of a pollutant or chlorine concentration can be followed through the network. The transient flow can be stored in Quick Time format for later replay, making it a very user friendly analysis tool. To process very large graphical data, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology together with BSI developed a multiprocessor-multidisk image server named GigaView. The GigaView is an intelligent disk array for desktop systems and workstations. It includes transputers connected to each disk node, and supports local image processing such as zooming and rotation. The HyperBird application running on a Macintosh platform and a GigaView connected through a SCSI bus demonstrate the feasibility of this approach