Graphic stereo raster injected verification subsystem for photogrammetric acquisition

Summary form only given. The Laboratories of Photogrammetry and Microinformatics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne have developed, in collaboration with the industry, a graphical verification system. The main innovations of this system, in comparison with the above cited existant systems, are full editing facilities, the possibility to include the height information, and a rather low price. Furthermore, the system can be used as a peripheral for analytical or analog stereo plotters. These innovations are due to the development of a powerful display architecture with build-in dedicated panning functionality. This paper describes the characteristics of the hardware and the possibilities provided by the software. The system is based on a Motorola microprocessor and NEC graphical controller chips. It allows the operator to move in real-time (panning) in a virtual working space of 32000×32000 pixels, with a vertical and horizontal resolution of 1 pixel

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