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A novel adsorber with a structured fixed-bed made of sintered metal fibres (SMF) plates has been developed for purification of low-content VOCs gas-streams. The surface of the metal fibres was coated by a thin, homogeneous MFI-type (ZSM-5, Silicalite-1) zeolite film. The zeolite/SMF composite has been shown as an efficient adsorbent, in which VOCs in low content streams are first concentrated and desorbed in a second step with higher concentrations suitable for oxidation. The advantages of this structured zeolite/SMF composite are a low resistance to internal mass transfer, a relatively low pressure drop and compactness compared to conventional powders or extrudates. Propane was used as a model VOC compound. The isotherms and dynamics of adsorption (breakthrough points) were measured to characterize the properties of the adsorbent. A mathematical model was developed to simulate the experimental data.