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Currently, researchers designing and implementing large-scale overlay services employ disparate techniques at each stage in the production cycle: design, implementation, experimentation, and evaluation. As a result, complex and tedious tasks are often duplicated leading to ineffective resource use and difficulty in fairly comparing competing algorithms. In this paper, we present MACEDON, an infrastructure that provides facilities to: i) specify distributed algorithms in a concise domain-specific language; ii) generate code that executes in popular evaluation infrastructures and in live networks; iii) leverage an overlay-generic API to simplify the interoperability of algorithm implementations and applications; and iv) enable consistent experimental evaluation. We have used MACEDON to implement and evaluate a number of algorithms, including AMMO, Bullet, Chord, NICE, Overcast, Pastry, Scribe, and SplitStream, typically with only a few hundred lines of MACEDON code. Using our infrastructure, we are able to accurately reproduce or exceed published results and behavior demonstrated by current publicly available implementations