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Proxy caching based on object location considering semantic usage

With the Internet success leading to heavy demands on network, proxies have beco me an unavoidable necessity. In this paper we present a new technique to improve caching services for an Internet user group. We propose an alternative to classical LRU, LFU or similar algorithms. Our appro ach is based on object usage, cross-references and geographic location. With our system we will not only improve on storing performance taking into account pref erences and usage of specific user groups, but we will also improve latency perf ormance with accurate pre-fetching. In order to do this, we use three mechanisms: (1) a normalised indexing tree bas ed on the URL semantic; (2) a graph representing inter-documents references; (3) a Kohonen like algorithm to bring out the real topology of the web usage space.

    Keywords: cachingproxy


    • LBD-CONF-1999-005

    Record created on 2007-01-16, modified on 2016-08-08

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