The authors have been working on simulating virtual humans for several years. Until recently, these constructs could not act in real time. Today, however, many applications need to simulate in real time virtual humans that look realistic. They have invested considerable effort in developing and integrating several modules into a system capable of animating humans in real-time situations. This includes interactive modules for building realistic individuals and a texture-fitting method suitable for all parts of the head and body. Animating the body, including the hands and their deformations, is the key aspect of the system; to their knowledge, no competing system integrates all these functions. They also included facial animation, as demonstrated below with virtual tennis players. They have developed a single system containing all the modules needed for simulating real-time virtual humans in distant virtual environments (VEs). The system lets one rapidly clone any individual and animate the clone in various contexts. People cannot mistake virtual humans for real ones, but they think them recognizable and realistic