A data sheet is presented outlining the performance and characteristics of a Kodak DCS 200mi camera. In addition to providing information on this camera, the format and content of the data sheet could serve as a guide in the organization and display of pertinent information on electronic still cameras in general. Such data sheets are already common in silver halide photography. Pictorial electronic still photographers could benefit greatly from the publication of data sheets which enable them to judge the possibilities and limitations of the hardware and software. The proposed data sheet will contain descriptive specifications and numerical values such as sensor type, active sensor area, photoelement size, fill factor, filters, normal lens focal length, lens MTF, shutter type, shutter speed range, exposure metering modes, image storage, data output, compression, saturation speed, noise equivalent quanta (NEQ) speed, resolution, spatial frequency response (SFR), optoelectronic conversion function (OECF), noise power spectrum, effective bit depth (and spatial frequency dependence), peak equivalent image quality (EIQ) values, spectral response, etc. Where appropriate, the numerical values will be calculated according to the developing ISO standards in electronic photography. The graphical format of the data sheet as well as the information depth will be discussed.