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For roughly two decades a new generation of robots, robotic prostheses and implantable devices is about to arise accompanied by great optimism that they will widely pervade our daily life in a near future. This paper presents the results from a survey on the question if people want to share their life and body with robots. The survey, carried out in connection with the “Robotics” exhibition at the Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02, counts over 2000 participants. The questionnaire covers issues on robotics in general, service and personal robots, robotic prostheses and artificial organs. While the results testify a positive attitude towards potential robotic co-workers, flat-mates or body part, they include a number of surprising answers. We find correlations in the data, discuss interpretations, speculate about the answers and cultural influences and finally conclude: Whom are we building robots for and what should they be like? To whom are we selling robots and how should we market them?