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We have studied the magnetic behaviour of Fe3O4 nanowires (NWs) with two different diameter ranges, above 150 nm and below 60 nm, made by electrodeposition techniques into a polymeric template. The nanowires were characterized using various techniques, in particular M¨ossbauer and thermoelectrical power measurements. The stoichiometric distribution of Fe cations showed clearly the presence of the magnetite inverse spinel electronic structure. Structural analysis performed using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed two kinds of nanowire morphologies depending on the size. For nanowires above 150 nm in diameter, a contiguous network of well-bound nanoparticles was obtained. Instead, with a diameter of 60 nm, a polycrystalline structure was observed. The largest nanowires presented a magnetoresistance (MR) greater than 10%, whereas the thinner nanowires had almost none.