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Frugal Mobile Objects

This paper presents a computing model for resource-limited mobile devices. The originality of the model lies in the integration of a stronglytyped event-based communication paradigm with abstractions for frugal control, assuming a small footprint runtime. With our model, an application consists of a set of distributed reactive objects, called FROBs, that communicate through typed events and dynamically adapt their behavior reacting to notifications typically based on resource availability. FROBs have a logical time-slicing execution pattern that helps monitor resource consuming tasks and determine resource profiles in terms of CPU, memory, battery and bandwidth. The behavior of a FROB is represented by a set of stateless first-class objects. Both state and behavioral objects are referenced through a level of indirection within the FROB. This facilitates the dynamic changes of the set of event types a FROB can accept, say based on the available resources, without requiring a significant footprint increase of the underlying FROB runtime.


    Invited Paper


    • LPD-CONF-2006-044

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