Pièce en céramique pigmentée

NOVELTY - The component partially or wholly comprises pigmented ceramic. The pigment comprises nanoparticles of metal of group IB in periodic table, alkaline metals or their alloy, coated with a layer of silica such as crystalline silica. The crystalline silica is in cristobalite or tridymite form. The metal is gold or gold/silver alloy. The ceramic is zirconia and/or alumina, preferably zirconia. USE - Pigmented-ceramic component such as timepiece components e.g. watch container, dial, bezel, bracelet and pins, jewel, jewelry components (all claimed), and accessories such as winders. ADVANTAGE - The color effect of pigmented-ceramic component is strong, bright and stable for long period of time. The manufacture of pigmented-ceramic component is environment-friendly. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for manufacture of components of timepiece and jewelry.

EP Application No : 06405325.9-1218
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