The cavitation phenomenon, which is due to a pressure drop in liquid flows, may be responsible of noise and vibration as well as efficiency alteration and material erosion. A tremendous work has been already performed to better understand the onset and development of vapor cavities within the liquid and their interaction with the flow and the surrounding free or solid surfaces. Although the cavitation phenomenon has received a great deal of attention, one is still unable today to predict with acceptable accuracy its development and consequences in hydraulic machines and circuits. Nevertheless, substantial progress has been achieved in fundamental understanding of the phenomenon and the key governing parameters. The objective of the present paper is to highlight part of the research activity carried out in the Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines in the past 30 years. We will focus on the dynamic of cavitation bubbles in different experimental configurations. First, the growth and collapse of a single bubble inside a liquid jet (cylindrical free surface) is addressed. Then, the case of a bubble inside a drop in micro gravity is presented. Brief descrip-tion and analysis are given here with relevant publica-tions for more information.