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Organometallics on Silicon - a Synchrotron-Radiation Photoemission-Study of the Adsorption of Iron Pentacarbonyl on Si(111) Surfaces with Different Reconstructions

The adsorption behaviour of Si(111)2 x 1 and Si(111)7 x 7 surfaces towards Fe(CO)5 has been investigated in the temperature range 80-300 K and in the exposure range 0.1-1000 L. For both surface reconstructions, the adsorption state is found to be molecular at 80 K, from a comparison with the already reported spectrum for pure Fe(CO)5, in the gas phase, while there is partial decomposition at room temperature. The molecular adsorption state rapidly evolves into a partially decomposed one, corresponding to the adsorption spectrum at room temperature. The decomposition is demonstrated to be photoinduced.

    Keywords: DEPOSITION ; MO(CO)6 ; FE(CO)5 ; W(CO)6


    Univ roma tor vergata,dipartimento sci & tecnol chim,i-00173 rome,italy. ecole polytech fed lausanne,inst phys appl,ch-1015 lausanne,switzerland. Zanoni, r, univ roma la sapienza,dipartimento fis,ple aldo moro 5,i-00185 rome,italy.

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