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High-Resolution Photoelectron Microimaging of Neuron Networks

Neuron networks have been imaged with the scanning photoelectron microscope MAXIMUM, showing details in the submicron range such as axons, dendrites and their synapses. These results, obtained with the scanning photoemission microscope MAXIMUM, demonstrate that photoemission can reach the lateral resolution required for the life sciences, and prepare the way to the future use in the life sciences of techniques such as ESCA.

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    Cnr,ist neurobiol,i-00100 rome,italy. ist nazl fis nucl,frascati natl labs,i-00044 frascati,italy. univ wisconsin,dept phys,madison,wi 53706. univ wisconsin,dept elect & comp engn,madison,wi 53706. univ wisconsin,ctr synchrotron radiat,madison,wi 53706. ecole polytech fed lausanne,inst phys appl,ch-1015 lausanne,switzerland. univ calif berkeley lawrence berkeley lab,gr xray opt,berkeley,ca 94720. Destasio, g, cnr,ist struttura mat,via e fermi 38,i-00044 frascati,italy.

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