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Growth of (111)-oriented PZT on RuO2(100)/Pt(111) electrodes by in-situ sputtering

Growth of (111)-oriented Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 has been achieved on a RuO2 film which was (100) textured. This texture could be obtained by using a (111)-textured Pt film as a template. The whole layer stack was grown on an amorphous SiO2 layer, that is a thermal oxide of a silicon wafer. A good (111)-orientation of the Pt template layer is thus the starting point of oriented growth. XRD and TEM studies have been carried out to find the orientation relationship between Pt(111), RuO2(100) and PZT(111). (C) 1999 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved.

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