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Dielectric-Spectroscopy of Some Ba(B'1/2b''1/2)O3 Complex Perovskites in the 10(11)-10(14)Hz Range

Five Ba(B'1/2B1/2'')O3 ceramic compounds (B' = Y3+, Gd3+, Nd3+, In3+; B'' = Ta and B' = Mg2+; B'' = W6+) have been prepared to investigate the origin of microwave losses. Infrared reflectivity and submillimetre transmission measurements as well as low-frequency dielectric measurements were performed and evaluated. An attempt was undertaken to divide the submillimetre losses into intrinsic lattice losses (multiphonon absorption) proportional to temperature and extrinsic temperature independent loss contributions.

    Keywords: ceramics ; spectra


    Petzelt, J Czechoslovak Acad Sci,Inst Phys,Na Slovance 2,Cs-18040 Prague 8,Czechoslovakia Mx D Ecublens,Epfl,Ceram Lab,Ch-1015 Lausanne,Switzerland Moscow Gen Phys Inst,Moscow 117942,Russia


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