The surface plasmon polariton-enhanced Raman spectra of size-selected C16, C18, and C20 clusters isolated in nitrogen matrices are presented along with the calculated vibrational frequencies for the ring and linear chain isomers. The Raman spectra, recorded at a range of excitation wavelengths from 457.9 to 670 nm, show strong resonance enhancement for the three clusters. The calculated vibrational frequencies for ring and linear chain isomers and the cage and bowl structures for C20 are compared to the experimental frequencies. Systematic shifts in the series of peaks in the 200 cm-1 region for C16, C18, and C20 suggest that the observed isomers have the same geometry, thereby ruling out the bowl and cage isomers for C20. The measured spectra appear to be most consistent with the linear chain isomer. This high-energy isomer may be produced during neutralization of the deposited cluster ions.