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Molecular-dynamics study of collision, implantation, and fragmentation of Ag7 on Pd(100)

By using embedded-atom-method interatomic potentials and molecular-dynamics simulations, we study the collision of a single Ag/sub 7/ cluster on the Pd(100) substrate, at impact energies in the direction perpendicular to the (100) surface E/sub 1/=20 eV (2.86 eV/atom) and E/sub 2/=95 eV (13.6 eV/atom). Our results indicate that implantation occurs at both impact energies, but it is more important at E/sub 2/. As opposed to what is shown experimentally, little fragmentation takes place for E/sub 1/, while the calculated cluster fragmentation is in good agreement with the experimental data for E/sub 2/.

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