Following a Finnish initiative the European Commission is preparing a communication on logistics in 2006. To support the preparations Finland arranged the so called EULOC-process in which logistics experts from different countries were invited to participate. First, an industry foresight of European logistics in 2015 was created. Next, the mission, vision and policy priorities of the European logistics policy were discussed. The mission for European logistics policy was created from the viewpoint of citizens, companies, states and Europe. Seven vision elements were created. The driving visions are “Seamless systems” and “Intelligent regulation”. The guiding and enabling visions are “Resources” and “Cost efficiency”. The outcome visions are “Europe’s competitiveness”, “Equal business opportunity” and “Sustainability”. According to the experts’ views the priority areas of European logistics policy are Infrastructure – Seamless systems require investments Research, development and training – Strengthen the competitiveness of the European Union Enterprises – The reinforcement of logistic industry Regulation – Innovative and intelligent Cost Efficiency – Effective logistics Sustainability – From environmental, social and economic viewpoint, a must in modern logistics Co-Operation – A strategic issue in network society Public-Private Partnership – Agile solutions for investments.