Applications of Specification and Design Languages for SoCs includes a selection of the best contributions to the Forum on Specification and Design Languages held in 2005 (FDL'05). Since its inception in 1998, FDL has established itself as the premier European forum to exchange experiences and learn about new trends in the application of languages and models for the specification and modeling of electronic systems. This book provides detailed insights into recent works dealing with a large spectrum of issues in system-on-chip design, namely: assertion-based design, mapping on network-on-chip architectures, use of C/C++/SystemC design methodologies, hardware/software integration, mixing heterogeneous models of computation, analog/mixed-signal/mixed-technology system design and verification, UML/XML-based synthesis of analog and mixed-signal systems, UML to VHDL mapping, UML-based performance modeling, model transformation and formal verification, real-time system models, and Model Driven Architecture. All chapters in Applications of Specification and Design Languages for SoCs have been carefully revised and extended to offer up-to-date information. They also constitute excellent seeds for further researches and developments in the field of heterogeneous systems-on-chip design.