Low-temperature thick-film dielectrics and resistors for metal substrates

In this work, a set of low-temperature thick-film dielectrics consisting of two high-lead low-temperature glasses, stabilised by various amounts of alumina filler, is characterised on alumina and aluminium metal, as a function of firing temperature. Corresponding resistors based on the same glasses as the dielectrics, but with RuO2 as a conductive phase, were studied on the dielectrics. The purpose of these materials is to enable deposition of thick- film electronics onto substrates such as glass and metals (steel, aluminium, brass, titanium), which cannot be exposed to the standard high-temperature 850°C thick-film firing cycle. Satisfactory insulating properties were obtained, and the properties of the resulting resistors are promising, but managing thermal mismatch was found to be a major issue regarding the mechanical integrity.

Published in:
Proceedings, Electroceramics IX, in Journal of the European Ceramics Society, 25, 12, 2121-2124
Presented at:
Electroceramics IX, Cherbourg (FR), 31.5-3.6.2004
Première version des diélectriques basse température: encore pas très abouti en raison des problèmes d’ajustement du coefficient de dilatation thermique. (présenté à Electroceramics Cherbourg)
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