This paper presents the final results of the performances of the High resolution Standard Proximity Sensor developed under a GSTP contract for ESA /ESTEC. The HRSPS is a general purpose displacement measuring system developed with the aim to replace the multitude of customised sensors used so far in scanning and pointing mechanisms. It will become the European standard nano-measuring system qualified for space mechanisms operating in closed loop control. The HRSPS offers either two independent single or a differential output (s) offering a resolution of 1 nanometer. Three different HRSPS covering three measuring ranges have been developed. This paper presents the test results and the final confirmation of the performances of the HRSPS. The majority of sensor designs available industrially and in the launcher field are not readily suitable for high reliability space / satellite applications. The HRSPS manufactured can be supplied in either high reliability FM's for satellites and also FM's for microgravity / ISS applications requiring Mil 883B/C type of components. The paper will present the first applications for microgravity and satellite applications.