Streaming of Scalable Video from Multiple Servers using Rateless Codes

This paper presents a framework for efficiently streaming scalable video from multiple servers over heterogeneous network paths. We propose to use rateless codes, or Fountain codes, such that each server acts as an independent source, without the need to coordinate its sending strategy with other servers. In this case, the problem of maximizing the received video quality and minimizing the bandwidth usage, is simply reduced to a rate allocation problem. We provide an optimal solution for an ideal scenario where the loss probability on each server-client path is exactly known. We then present a heuristic-based algorithm, which implements an unequal error protection scheme for the more realistic case of imperfect knowledge of the loss probabilities. Simulation results finally demonstrate the effi- ciency of the proposed algorithm, in distributed streaming scenarios over lossy channels.

Publié dans:
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2006
Présenté à:
ICME 2006, Toronto, Canada, June 2006

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