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000087046 245__ $$aA Variational Model for Object Segmentation Using Boundary Information, Statistical Shape Prior and the Mumford-Shah Functional
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000087046 520__ $$aIn this paper, we propose a variational model to segment an object belonging to a given scale space using the active contour method, a geometric shape prior and the Mumford-Shah functional. We define an energy functional composed by three complementary terms. The first one detects object boundaries from image gradients. The second term constrains the active contour to get a shape compatible with a statistical shape model of the shape of interest. And the third part drives globally the shape prior and the active contour towards a homogeneous intensity region. The segmentation of the object of interest is given by the minimum of our energy functional. This minimum is computed with the calculus of variations and the gradient descent method that provide a system of evolution equations solved with the well-known level set method. We also prove the existence of this minimum in the space of functions with bounded variation. Applications of the proposed model are presented on synthetic and medical images.
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