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This paper presents a new image representation method based on anisotropic refinement. It has been shown that wavelets are not optimal to code 2-D objects which need true 2-D dictionaries for efficient approximation. We propose to use rotations and anisotropic scaling to build a real bi-dimensional dictionary. Matching Pursuit then stands as a natural candidate to provide an image representation with an anisotropic refinement scheme. It basically decomposes the image as a series of basis functions weighted by their respective coefficients. Even if the basis functions can a priori take any form bi-dimensional dictionaries are almost exclusively composed of two-dimensional Gabor functions. We present here a new dictionary design by introducing orientation and anisotropic refinement of a gaussian generating function. The new dictionary permits to efficiently code 2-D objects and more particularly oriented contours. It is shown to clearly outperform common non-oriented Gabor dictionaries.