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Novel nonstationary process for production of ethyl-acetate

When adding C2H4 to AcOH over a H2SO4-SiO2 catalyst to give AcOEt, the activity of the solid-bed catalyst depended on the surface of the carrier; best results were obtained with SiO2 with a surface area of 120 m2/g. In a stationary process, the space-time-yield curve peaked at .apprx.130 h operating time, then decreased to approx. half this value over the next 300 h, whereas in a nonstationary process, the space-time-yield curve peaked at 100 h and did not decrease during the next 400 h of operation.


    Written in German (Ein neues Verfahren zur Herstellung von Essigsäureäthylester unter Anwendung instationärer Prozeßführung)


    Record created on 2006-04-18, modified on 2016-08-08


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