Structured fiber supports for gas phase biocatalysis

Pseudomonas cepaciae lipase adsorbed onto non-porous structured fiber supports in the form of woven fabrics, was used to catalyze hydrolysis and transesterification reactions in the gas phase. The enzyme adsorbed onto carbon fiber support exhibited much higher catalytic activity compared to the enzyme immobilized onto glass fiber carrier. The effect of temp. and relative humidity on reactions catalyzed by P. cepaciae lipase adsorbed onto structured fiber carbon support was studied in the gas system. Under the conditions investigated (up to 60 DegC and 80% relative humidity), the immobilized enzyme showed a high thermostability and could be efficiently used to catalyze hydrolytic and transesterification reactions in continuous mode. Structured fiber supports, with a high sp. surface area and a high mech. resistance, showed a low-pressure drop during the passage of reactants through a reactor. The approach proposed in this study could be suitable for immobilization of a wide variety of enzymes. [on SciFinder (R)]

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Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 36, 7, 911-916
CAN 143:131873 16-1 Fermentation and Bioindustrial Chemistry Department of Food Science,Nestle Research Center,Lausanne,Switz. Journal 0141-0229 written in English. 7732-18-5 (Water) Role: BCP (Biochemical process), BIOL (Biological study), PROC (Process) (structured fiber supports for gas phase biocatalysis); 9001-62-1 (Lipase PS) Role: BCP (Biochemical process), CAT (Catalyst use), BIOL (Biological study), PROC (Process), USES (Uses) (structured fiber supports for gas phase biocatalysis); 71-23-8 (1-Propanol); 108-05-4 (Vinyl acetate); 141-78-6 (Ethyl acetate) Role: BCP (Biochemical process), RCT (Reactant), BIOL (Biological study), PROC (Process), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (structured fiber supports for gas phase biocatalysis); 109-60-4P (Propyl acetate) Role: BPN (Biosynthetic preparation), BIOL (Biological study), PREP (Preparation) (structured fiber supports for gas phase biocatalysis)
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