Development of a continuously operated reactor for the limited hydrolysis of whey protein by trypsin

A continuously operated reactor was developed for the limited hydrolysis of whey protein using sol. trypsin. It consisted of a stirred tank followed by a tubular device. A stirred tank was used because it allows pH control to be achieved more easily. The tubular reactor was applied to achieve a high level of conversion without pH control. The tubular reactor was equipped with static mixers for approximating plug-flow behavior. The behavior of the reaction system under floating pH in both parts of the reactor was evaluated sep. prior to verification of the results in a pilot-plant which consisted of the combination reactor. The operating temp. and pH in the stirred tank were investigated as the main variables of the process. [on SciFinder (R)]

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Process Biochemistry, 33, 2, 125-131
CAN 128:269697 17-4 Food and Feed Chemistry Nestle RandD Center Konolfingen,Konolfingen,Switz. Journal 1359-5113 written in English. 9002-07-7 (Trypsin) Role: BAC (Biological activity or effector, except adverse), BSU (Biological study, unclassified), BIOL (Biological study) (development of a continuously operated reactor for limited hydrolysis of whey protein by trypsin)

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