NOx is removed from gas by redn. with at. N in a plasma jet at 50-1000 M and 5000-6000 K. The NOx-contg. gas is injected into the plasma jet at 30 m/s resulting in the reaction NO + N = N2 + O. A high redn. degree of NOx is attained with no salt wastes. Thus, a plasma jet was introduced through a nozzle-shaped plasmotron anode into a reactor and mixed with N contg. 0.9-5.2 vol.% NO. The flow rates of the at. N and the N-NO mixt. were 4.9 m3/h and 500 L/h, resp. The residual NO content in the emerging gas was 190 and 4500 ppm for initial NO contents 0.9 and 5.2 vol.%, resp. [on SciFinder (R)]