Dense tubular self-supporting La0.7Ca0.3Fe0.85 Co0.15O3-δperovskite membranes were prepared by thermoplastic extrusion. The rheological behavior of the ceramic mixture was studied. Non-deformed tubes of 10 and 5mm diameter and 0.3- 0.8mm wall thickness could be extruded. After sintering at 1100°C, the membranes reached a relative density of over 98% with an average grain size of =.25μm. Flexural strenght, elastic modulus, and fracture toughness of sintered perovskite ceramics were determined on test bars prepared by injection molding from a thermoplastic mixture identical to that used for extrusion. The room-temperature flexural strenght reached 215 MPa in fourpoint bending, and the fracture toughness was 1.6 MPa•m0.5