Atomic Force Microscope is of special interest to biologists since it enables real time imaging and force measurements on biological tissue. To observe the biological process of interest in a reasonable time with high force sensitivity, high resonance frequency cantilevers with low spring constant are required while maintaining a high signal to noise ratio. These requirements can be met by reducing the dimensions and mass of the cantilever. Silicon nitride (SiN) is used to fabricate the AFM cantilevers; the body of the probe is exists of a double layer of the negative photopolymer SU-8. This provides a simple and cheap way of attaching a body to the cantilevers. Figure 1 shows an overview of a probe with 6 cantilevers. Figure 2 shows a close-up of a lever with dimensions 35 µm x 6 µm. A metal pad is present at the extremity of the cantilever, serving as reflecting layer for beam deflection sensing.