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(w - 1)-fluoroalk-(w - 1)-enoic acids. Potential fungicides

(w - 1)-Fluoroalk-(w - 1)-enoic acids of chain lengths C5-C15 were prepd. by consecutive bromofluorination and dehydrobromination of either alk-(w - 1)-enoic acids or alk-(w - 1)-enyl acetates, in the latter case followed by oxidn. The halogen increases the antimyotic properties of the unsatd. fatty acids, 10-fluoroundec-10-enoic acid exhibiting a particularly strong fungicidal activity. [on SciFinder (R)]

    Keywords: Fungicides and Fungistats (prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides); Carboxylic acids Role: RCT (Reactant) ; SPN (Synthetic preparation) ; PREP (Preparation) ; RACT (Reactant or reagent) (unsatd. ; fluoro; prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides) ; fluoroalkenoate fungicide prepn; carboxylate unsatd fluoro fungicide prepn


    CAN 125:194973


    Aliphatic Compounds

    Inst. Chim. Organique,Univ. Lausanne,Lausanne,Switz.



    written in English.

    180748-86-1P Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of); 1786-40-9P; 175400-10-9P; 180748-68-9P; 180748-71-4P; 180748-72-5P; 180748-73-6P; 180748-74-7P; 180748-75-8P; 180748-76-9P; 180748-77-0P; 180748-78-1P; 180748-79-2P; 180748-80-5P; 180748-81-6P; 180748-85-0P Role: BAC (Biological activity or effector, except adverse), BSU (Biological study, unclassified), SPN (Synthetic preparation), BIOL (Biological study), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides); 112-38-9 (10-Undecenoic acid); 1119-60-4 (6-Heptenoic acid); 1576-85-8 (4-Pentenyl acetate); 5048-26-0 (5-Hexenyl acetate); 6006-06-0 (12-Tridecenoic acid); 13826-35-2 (3-Phenoxybenzyl alcohol); 14436-32-9 (9-Decenoic acid); 17351-34-7 (14-Pentadecenoic acid); 18719-24-9 (7-Octenoic acid); 31642-67-8 (8-Nonenoic acid); 65423-25-8 (11-Dodecenoic acid); 68359-59-1 (2-Fluoro-5-phenoxybenzyl alcohol) Role: RCT (Reactant), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides); 177089-58-6P; 177089-59-7P; 177089-60-0P; 180748-60-1P; 180748-61-2P; 180748-62-3P; 180748-63-4P; 180748-64-5P; 180748-65-6P; 180748-66-7P; 180748-67-8P; 180748-69-0P; 180748-70-3P Role: RCT (Reactant), SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides); 175399-95-8P; 175399-96-9P; 180748-82-7P; 180748-83-8P; 180748-84-9P Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of fluoroalkenoic acids as fungicides)


    • LSCO-ARTICLE-1996-009

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