When treated with the LIDAKOR mixt., allyl type ethers very readily undergo 1,4-elimination to afford conjugated dienes (E)-H2C:CHCH:CH(CH2)4Me, H2C:C(:CH2)CH2CH2CH:CMe2, H2C:CHCH:CHOMe. In typical cases, the reaction is brought about stereo- and regioselectively, e.g., (E)-H2C:CHCH:CH(CH2)4Me and H2C:C(:CH2)CH2CH2CH:CMe2). Under suitable conditions, lithium dimethylamide or even lithium diisopropylamide adds to the dienes generated in situ thus leading to a variety of new allyl amines Me2C:CHCH2CH2C(CH2NMe2):CHMe, Me2CHCH2CH2CH:CMeCH:CHNMe2, and (Z)-MeCH:CHCH2N(CHMe2)2. [on SciFinder (R)]