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Fluorchlorcyclopropane : ihre Darstellung und Abwandlung

Reaction of olefins with CHCl2F and BuLi gave stereospecifically the cis and trans isomers of 2-R1, 2-R3, 3-R2, 3-R4 = tetrasubstituted 1-chloro-1-fluorocyclopropanes (I) (R1 = H, Me; R2 = H, Me, Pr; R3 = Me, Pr, Ph, amyl, OEt, OBu-iso; R4 = H, Me, Pr), which on redn. with Na/liq. NH3 gave 40-84% 2-R1, 2-R3, 3-R2, 3-R4-tetrasubstituted fluorocyclopropanes (II) with retention of the configuration. With excess Na, I were reduced to halogen-free alkyl- and alkoxy-substituted cyclopropanes. [on SciFinder (R)]

    Keywords: chlorofluorocyclopropane redn; cyclopropane fluorochloro prepn


    CAN 75:76202 24 Alicyclic Compounds Org.-Chem. Inst.,Univ. Heidelberg,Heidelberg,Fed. Rep. Ger. Journal 0009-2940 written in German. 10405-84-2; 10405-85-3 Role: RCT (Reactant), RACT (Reactant or reagent) (mixture with isomer); 1727-63-5P; 5614-38-0P; 16646-93-8P; 16646-94-9P; 16646-97-2P; 16646-98-3P; 16665-82-0P; 17204-62-5P; 33047-63-1P; 33047-64-2P; 33047-65-3P; 33047-66-4P; 33189-41-2P; 33189-42-3P; 33189-43-4P; 33298-35-0P; 33298-36-1P; 33298-37-2P Role: SPN (Synthetic preparation), PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of)


    • LSCO-ARTICLE-1971-005

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