The title polymers are prepd. by radical polymn. of unsatd. quaternary ammonium compds. with addn. of 0.1-3 mol% crosslinking monomers at 25-90% conversion. Stirring 180 g 50% aq. (CH2:CHCH2)2NMe2+Cl- (I) with 2 mol% (NH4)2S2O8 and 2 mol% (NH4)2CO3 at 18-22 Deg for 8 h and 60 Deg for 4 h with addn. of 1 mol% triethanolamine over 10 h and 1 mol% (CH2:CHCH2)3NMe+Cl- in 50 g 50% aq. I after 6 h gave a 97% conversion to a clear soln. of polymer with relative soln. viscosity 3.47 and branching no. 18/100 I units. Addn. of the crosslinking agent at the start of polymn. resulted in complete gelation. [on SciFinder (R)]