The title polymers of dialkenyldialkylammonium compds., useful in the coating and prepn. of paper, are prepd. in high space-time yield by the continuous or batch addn. of H2O-insol. azo compd. initiators in MeOH or DMF to aq. monomers. Thus, adding ten 2-mL portions of 0.01M methanolic AIBN [78-67-1] at 30 min intervals to 1 mol diallyldimethylammonium chloride as a 48% aq. soln. contg. 10 mg Chelaplex stirred at 80 Deg and stirring 90 min at 80 Deg gave a 96% conversion to a polymer [26062-79-3] with relative viscosity (1% NaCl) 1.85. [on SciFinder (R)]