Photog. materials having improved antistatic characteristics contain in an antihalation layer, interlayer, or top layer a homo- or copolymer having repeating units with a quaternary ammonium structure of the formula I (R-R3 = H or C1-6 alkyl; R4,R5 = C1-18 alkyl; X- = halide, NO3-, OH-, HSO4-, SO42-, n = 100-600) as the antistatic agent. The antistatic agent, which has no adverse effects on the phys.-mech. properties of the photog., can contain a vinyl compd., such as acrylic acid, arylamide, arylonitrile, diacetoneacrylamide, or vinylpyrrolidone, as the comonomer. Thus, a color photog. material carrying an antihalation back layer contg. the polymer II, the polymeric acid HO2C(CH2CMePh)CO2H, and a triphenylmethane dye showed a surface resistance of 5.2 * 106 W and excellent antistatic characteristics. [on SciFinder (R)]