The title polymers, useful in coatings, paper manuf., etc., are prepd. by polymg. H2O-sol. di-2-alkenyldialkylammonium compds. in aq. solns. contg. peroxydisulfates, basic N compds., and pH control agents. Thus, a soln. 2.8 M in (CH2:CHCH2)2NMe2+ Cl-, 0.02 M in (NH4)2S2O8, 0.07 M in NaOH, and 0.02 M in Et3N [121-44-8] was stirred gently in air at 45 Deg for 10 h to give a polymer [26062-79-3] having relative viscosity (1% NaCl) 2.00, compared with 1.21 when polymd. under N with 10 ppm Chelaplex III in place of NaOH and amine. [on SciFinder (R)]