The antistatic and hydrophilic properties of acrylic, polyamide, and polyester fibers were improved by treatment with a polymerizable vinyl monomer contg. an ammonium group and a polymerizable monomer contg. a carboxyl or sulfo group and irradiating. Thus, a polyamide textile was padded with an mixt. of (CH2:CHCH2)2N+Me2 Cl- [7398-69-8] 25, CH2:CHCO2H [79-10-7] 5, and H2O 75 parts and irradiated with an electron beam, the unfixed monomer removed by washing, and the textile dried to give a fabric with moisture regain 5.5% and elec. resistance 8.2 * 1010 W (9.8 * 1010 W after 20 machine washes). [on SciFinder (R)]