High-mol. wt., water-sol. compds., useful for nonsticky coatings on elec. conductive paper are manufd. by polymn. of 0.01-5 mol.% Z(CO2CH2CR:CR'R2)2 (Z = (CH2)n, (CH:CH)m, O(CH2CH2)p O, arylene, cycloalkylene, n = 0-20; m = 1-4, p = 0-5, R, R1, R2 = H, C1-6 alkyl, C5-6 cycloalkyl), e.g. diallyl maleinate, and a dialkenyldialkylammonium compd., e.g. diallyldimethylammonium chloride, in H2O in an inert atm. at 50-100 Deg. [on SciFinder (R)]