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Electronic and vibrational relaxation in Rydberg and valence states of nitric oxide in neon matrixes

New time and energy resolved data on vibrationally relaxed and unrelaxed emissions from the valence a4P(v = 0), B2P(v = 0,3,4,5), and the Rydberg A2S+ (v = 0,1,2) states of NO in Ne matrixes are reported. Rydberg .tautm. valence and valence .tautm. valence nonradiative transitions were identified. The Rydberg -> valence transitions occur after lattice relaxation accommodating the Rydberg orbital. The branching ratios for intramol. relaxation and the measured lifetimes are described in terms of a model which combines the intramol. spin-orbit matrix elements and Franck-Condon factors with the spectroscopically detd. phonon Franck-Condon factors. For the levels B2P(v = 5,6), a Foerster-Dexter-type energy transfer between NO mols. is invoked in the description of the relaxation cascade. [on SciFinder (R)]


    • LSU-ARTICLE-1988-001

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