Homonuclear proton-proton coupling consts. can be detd. accurately by recording selective two-dimensional correlation spectra and by analyzing the resulting multiplets by two-dimensional convolution and deconvolution methods. These methods were evaluated by attempting to det. the complete set of homonuclear couplings in paclitaxel (taxol). Convolution methods have been applied successfully to ten pairs of complementary multiplets recorded by selective correlation spectroscopy (soft-COSY) and pure in-phase correlation spectroscopy (PICSY). These pairs of multiplets gave reliable measurements of ten active couplings. In some cases, satisfactory PICSY spectra could not be obtained, so that the complementary information of soft-COSY and PICSY could not be exploited. Furthermore, couplings involving two strongly-coupled diastereotopic protons (14Ha and 14Hb) could not be detd. in satisfactory manner. Further problems arose due to partial overlap of the chem. shifts of two other protons (10H and 13H). Deconvolution has been applied successfully to all 14 soft-COSY multiplets, yielding 14 ests. of active couplings and 38 ests. of passive splittings. This work provides between one and seven ests. for 21 coupling consts. The accuracy of these different ests. must be weighed with the complexity of the methods used. This work may help to assess the perspectives of completely automated computer-supported anal. of two-dimensional spectra. [on SciFinder (R)]