Selective magnetic resonance correlation spectroscopy with in-phase multiplets

New 2-dimensional NMR correlation methods are presented which allow one to obtain selected high-resoln. multiplets where all signals have pos. pure absorption peak shapes. The multiplets do not suffer from any cancellation effects, and their fine structure consists of a simple superposition of square patterns in 2-dimensional frequency domain that can be readily interpreted. The intensities of doublets, triplets, and quartets obey the same simple binomial rules as those for conventional 1-dimensional NMR spectra. The methods rely on a transfer of in-phase magnetization during a doubly selective irradn. period. Complications arising from undesirable coherence-transfer phenomena are eliminated either by removing antiphase terms while leaving the in-phase components unaffected or by a combination of spin-locking of in-phase terms and elimination of antiphase terms. [on SciFinder (R)]

Publié dans:
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 115, 20, 9202-9

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