Electro-combustion of polyacrylates with boron-doped diamond anodes

The electro-combustion of water sol. polymeric contaminants such as polyacrylates (PA) in aq. acid soln. using a B-doped diamond anode was studied by bulk electrolysis in 1 mol/dm3 HClO4 under galvanostatic conditions in a wide range of PA concns. and current densities. In all cases complete electro-combustion of PA was achieved and this is the 1st successful report for the electro-combustion of sol. org. polymers. The exptl. COD and instantaneous current efficiency values are well predicted from a theor. model which suppose that the rate of electro-combustion of PA with electrogenerated active intermediates (probably hydroxyl radicals) is a fast reaction and is controlled by mass transport of PA towards the anode (concept of the ideal anode for electro-combustion). [on SciFinder (R)]

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Electrochemistry Communications, 4, 2, 171-176
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