Synthetic boron doped diamond electrodes and microelectrodes were manufd. with techniques usually utilized in microelectronics: HFCVD coating, optical photolithog. and plasma etching. These electrodes were characterized in terms of their electrochem. properties: the overpotentials for O2 and H2 evolution, the reversibility for simple electron transfer reactions (ferri-ferrocyanide), complex electron transfer reactions (oxidn. of org. compds.), chlorine detection and O3 prodn. A comparison with other types of electrodes (IrO2, SnO2) is given concerning hydroxyl radical formation. Ozone prodn. has been measured; showing an electrochem. efficiency of 12-15 % at -2 DegC. Oxidn. of phenol to CO2 can also be achieved without the formation of intermediate. [on SciFinder (R)]